TastyLove is a Visual Novel created by TeacherShiba.

Hi, my name is TeacherShiba as known as a Unity teacher in Gyeonggi Game Meister Highschool in South Korea. Thanks to the school, I am so happy to get a chance to make my own visual novel as my dream. I made this game myself alone, now I have an artist to make my game more cute! Thank you dururu!

This is a dating-sim visual novel based on COVID-19 pandemic situation. Most of dialogues are on the messenger, even you don't know who are you talking to. My question is - Can you date someone even you have never met in real life?

You are a junior high school student in school closure. You invited to a Netcord (parody of Discord) from the link that your teacher given. There is a bunch of new friends are waiting, but some of them are pretty interested in you, and finally you decided to date one of them even you haven't met them yet. How can you describe what is love made of? Appearance? Emotion? Or just nature mechanism like an animal?

The game is currently in the alpha stage and free demo available on itch.io. Currently, my game supports Korean and English(Still on progress. Only one route completed.) and needs to add English/Japanese translation, CGs, tons of contents on my own. I can ask to make a team with a professional artist who already involved in, but she is mostly doing overwork in her main job. If you support me, I can treat her as a team member and I can hire a composer who can write a song for this game.

TastyLove is currently powered by Renpy for studying, but can be changed to Unity later.

안녕하세요, 있는 사랑 의 개발자 시바쌤입니다.

현재 경기게임마이스터고등학교에서 엔진기초(유니티)를 가르치고 있는 산학강사입니다. 학교에서 지원해주신 덕분에 이렇게 개인적으로 게임도 출시할 수 있게 되었습니다. 학교 관계자 여러분들께 감사의 말씀을 드립니다.

맛있는 사랑(이하 맛사랑)은 코로나 사태 이후의 상황을 배경으로 한 비쥬얼 노벨입니다.


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this game is completely bugged out and I cant even get past the first few lines of diaolog without getting an error and not being able to continue

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oops, I may uploaded a wrong build. I will check it out. can you tell me which os did you play? 

I played the browser version. Chrome specifically. 

Thanks, I recently updated the web version. Did you have same problem recently?

Hi. Just used for the first time and had the issue described above ( Line 22) WIndows 10 and Chrome both latest versions.

Thanks! I will look into it and find out what was the problem.

I uploaded a new build and tested it few hours ago. Hopefully it tackles this issue as well for you.!

신규게임을 둘러보다 찾은 !

아니 이렇게 찾아서 들어오다니!

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오 감사합니다


thank you doyouit!